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    The North Sea Energy Issue and Connecting Hydrogen Valleys


    October 7 & 8, 2021
    Martinikerk Groningen

    AGENDA 7 October
    Theme of the day: The North Sea Energy Issue 
    The overall purpose of the first day of the symposium is to reflect on the role of the North Sea area in speeding-up and scaling-up the energy transition and in realising carbon neutrality by 2050.
    Can the North Sea region become a world leading energy system integration example for the global energy transition? The main ingredients for such a position seem to be present, but can we create a joint European Strategy to make it happen? Is the region Fit for 55? 

    Specific offshore challenges will be addressed from various stakeholder perspectives, such as, how to integrate sustainable energy electrons and molecules; how to scale-up and achieve cost-effectiveness of decarbonised energy value chains; how to stimulate (joint) energy system innovations; and what collaboration and policies and measures will be needed for all this?  
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    Doors open & registration
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    Opening plenary and welcome speech
    Moderator: Sonja van Renssen
    Opening by:
    •  His Majesty, King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands
    • Sandor Gaastra, Director General, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate
    • Diederik Samsom, Chief Cabinet EU-Commissioner Timmermans 
    Plenary 1 - Hydrogen is looming: are we ready?
    There is a consensus that speeding-up and scaling-up decarbonisation of the energy value chains is urgently needed, therefore Hydrogen is foreseen to be of paramount importance. In this session we will discuss options to what extent the key stakeholders (policy makers, knowledge institutes and the business community) are really ready to act accordingly. This session consists of contributions from:
    Coffee break
    Plenary 2 - North Sea Energy Transition: scaling and speeding up
    In this plenary session the issue is what happens in reality in the North Sea area to scale-up and speed-up the energy transition and energy system integration: which investments are looming, what innovative breakthroughs can we expect, and how supportive is policy coordination? Keynotes are provided by:
    Parallel sessions (more info: click here)
    • A) 1 GW Green energy investment: what, when and where and by whom?
    • B) Hybrid tenders for offshore energy production
    • C) Hydrogen from harbour to households
    • D) North Sea Energy - Innovation hotspot 
    • E) Hydrogen in Aviation
    Coffee Break
    Plenary 3 - North Sea region fit for 55?
    In this session experts will discuss how the North Sea region can really play a leading role in the European Energy Transition not only because of the massive production and imports of renewable energy in the area, but also because of the many innovations that are developing in energy system integration, creating modern and cost-effective transport and storage systems, as well as providing an attractive environment for new green business models for industry and society. Experts involved in this discussion are:
    This plenary is moderated by Noé van Hulst.
    Drinks in Der Aa-Kerk
    Symposium dinner Thema: Greening the gas and filling the glass
    AGENDA 8 October
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    Theme of the day: Hydrogen Valleys connected   
    In the second day of the symposium experts will discuss the various regionally Hydrogen Valley initiatives that are developing through-out European Union and elsewhere. What do the various initiatives have in common and where do they differ? In addition, it will be discussed how duplication of effort and undue competition can be prevented and how instead  synergies can be achieved by intensifying collaboration. Many representatives of Hydrogen Valleys and involved stakeholders will share their hands-on experiences, seek for modalities to align mutual interest and to create lasting cross-border alliances.  
    Doors open & registration
    Opening and keynote sessions
    Moderator: René Schutte
    Plenary 1 - Interview with three key regions
    In this session experts will discuss why Hydrogen Valleys are such a powerful upcoming regional concepts and why collaboration between Hydrogen Valley regions is imperative for their future success. A concrete cross-border case – the so-called 'Wadden Sea Area  Hydrogen Valley' – will be discussed in greater detail to assess the potential benefits of  collaboration. 
    Announcement Waterstof Werkt (Hydrogen works)
    In this short session the announcement of 'Waterstof Werkt': an educational programme aimed at continuous learning and working in the hydrogen economy. A collaboration between government, educational institutes and business community. education, training and courses from vocational, up to post-initial level. The National Programme Groningen (NPG) supports 'Waterstof Werkt' and in this session their contribution will be officially announced.
    Adriaan Beenen, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate
    Nienke Homan, Province of Groningen/NPG
    Coffee break
    Parallel sessions (more info: click here)
    • A) The Nordic Connection: Local institutions stimulating the hydrogen economy
    • B) Hydrogen skills and training 
    • C) Hydrogen in the gas grid: international experience
    • D) Hydrogen (carriers) for harbour applications
    Plenary 2 - Hydrogen valleys in the making
    During this session a number of exciting regional Hydrogen Valleys will be show-cased and experts from the various European countries will discuss on how standards can be formulated, how transparency on hydrogen market and value chain development can be achieved, and how regional initiatives can be more integrated towards a highly competitive and powerful European hydrogen valley network. This session consists of contributions from: 
    By Bart Biebuyck and Noé van Hulst 
    Final drinks

    INFORMATION on the Parallel sessions will be updated on a daily basis

    parallel sessions 7 october

    Parallel session A | GW Green energy investment: what, when and where and by whom
    This parallel session focuses on the breaking through the ‘valley of death’ by moving towards investment in GW-scale sustainable technologies in the North Sea Area and shape the hydrogen and other energy system value chains. This session consists of contributions from:
    Location: Main stage, Martinikerk
    Parallel session B | Hybrid tenders for offshore energy production
    In this parallel session – and in line with current national policy discussions - experts will reflect on design considerations on the future tendering modalities for offshore energy production and on the pro’s and cons of the various tendering modalities from the perspectives of involved stakeholders. Experts involved in this session are: 
    Location: 'de Kapel', Martinikerk
    Parallel session C | Hydrogen from harbour to households & industry
    A hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands is no longer a dream but reality. As the first hydrogen valley of Europe dozens of hydrogen projects are under development, many of which are planned in the port of Delfzijl and Eemshaven. The production, import, storing and transport of hydrogen will soon be possible in the ports of Delfzijl and Eemshaven and the whole region, including the city of Groningen, will profit from it. CEO Cas König of Groningen Seaports will explain why the Northern Netherlands has the best position to become the Hydrogen Valley of Europe. But what is needed to achieve this? What are the challenges and barriers that lay ahead? How can we change the behaviour of the stakeholders? What are parties involved doing their selves? And what do we need to speed up this process? Two companies with interests in Groningen Seaports, Gasunie and Tennet, will discuss these topics with six students of the Hanze University of Applied Science and the University of Groningen.
    Location: Remonstrantsekerk
    Parallel session D | North Sea Energy - Innovation hotspot
    Innovation is a key driver of the energy transition. During this session a number of exiting innovations for offshore application will be show-cased and experts from the various North Sea countries will discuss on how and under what conditions they can better collaborate to accelerate joint innovative investment. This session consists of contributions from: 
    Location: de Nieuwe Kerk
    Parallel session E | Hydrogen in Aviation
    Groningen Airport Eelde focuses on making aviation and airports more sustainable. The focus is mainly on hydrogen technology. It is the ambition of the airport to produce green hydrogen on the airport site and to be able to use it on both land and air sides for innovative applications. After the plenary session, there will be time to network and a line-up of some technologies in ground handling equipment and electric aircraft and vehicles will be presented. 
    Location: Groningen Airport Eelde (transport Groningen-Eelde-Groningen will be arranged)

    Parallel sessions 8 october

    Parallel session A | The Nordic Connection: Local institutions stimulating the hydrogen economy
    Both in the Netherlands and the Nordic countries clusters including local authorities, research institutions and businesses have joined forces to push the development of a future hydrogen economy. During this panel discussion stakeholders from the Nordics and the Netherlands will exchange experiences and look to future collaborations.
    Location: Remonstrantsekerk
    Parallel session B | Hydrogen skills and training​​
    In this parallel session it is reflected on the skills and training activities that will need to be developed to ensure that sufficient trained expertise will be available to enable the emerging hydrogen economy activities to develop timely. The focus will be on various educational levels and on the most appropriate organisation of educations given expected demand from industry. Experts from industry, education and policy making will be involved.
    Location: de Kapel, Martinikerk
    Parallel session C | Hydrogen in the gas grid: international experience
    Synergies can only be created once hydrogen valleys are interconnected via transport modalities. This session will focus on the various international research activities on the issue under what conditions hydrogen can be transported safely, cost-effectively via the existing transmission and distribution grid, and how transport conditions may affect the overall hydrogen value chain. The following experts provide a contribution: 
    Location: Main Stage, Martinikerk
    Parallel session D | Hydrogen (carriers) in harbour applications
    ​Harbours have a key  position in the energy transition. In addition to day 1, the focus of this session will be on a harbour’s perspective on hydrogen carriers as well as the innovations required to make these hydrogen carriers suitable for various applications within the harbour area. 
    Location: de Librije, Martinikerk


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