09:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    10:15 AM
    12:30 PM
    13:20 PM
    13:30 PM
    15:30 PM
    16:00 PM
    16:15 PM
    17:15 PM
    17:30 PM
    Doors open
    Opening by Koen Schuiling (City of Groningen) and Chairman Jörg Gigler (Topsector Energie, TKI New Gas)
    • Interview with Nienke Homan (Province of Groningen)
    • Minister Eric Wiebes (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy)
    • Roger Miesen (RWE Generation SE) - Hydrogen - priorities for growth
    • Bart Biebuyck (The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, FCH-JU) - The important role for regions in Hydrogen
    • Michele Azalbert (BU Hydrogen Engie) - Together realising the Dutch bold decarbonisation ambition
    • Dialogue on North Sea energy island concepts between Ernst van Zuijlen (Offshore Service Facilities), Lex de Groot (Neptune Energy Netherlands B.V.) and Henrik Thomsen (Energinet)
    Transfer to workshop rooms
    Parallel workshops (more info: click here)
    • A) System integration on North Sea energy
    • B) Future role of TSO's in handling North Sea energy
    • C) Role of North Sea harbours as energy hubs 
    • D) Decommissioning of offshore wind farms: logistical challenges
    • E) Round Table: North & South of the Netherlands exchange about the (hydrogen) energy transition 
    • F) North Sea Energy Pilots
    Coffee Break
    Dialogue on wind meets gas between Hilbert Klok (NWEA) and Arendo Schreurs (NOGEPA)
    Plenary panel on future collaboration between wind and oil & gas operators 
    Jan Willem van Hoogstraten (EBN), Tarald Gjerde (Equinor), Ante Frens (NAM), Arne Jacobsen (Vattenfall)
    Chaired by Jörg Gigler.
    Walk to Der Aa-Kerk for dinner
    Drinks & dinner in Der Aa-Kerk. Drinks are offered by the Nordic embassies (Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Finland)




       North Sea energy & the hydrogen economy:

    a Pentalateral and Nordic perspective

    October 17 & 18, 2019

    Martinikerk Groningen


    Martinikerk Groningen

    AGENDA 18
    09:00 AM
    09:30 AM
    09:45 AM
    10:45 AM
    11:15 AM
    12.00 AM
    13.00 PM
    13.50 PM
    14.00 PM
    Doors open
    Opening by René Paas (Commissioner to the King, Province of Groningen and Chairman Noé van Hulst (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy)
    • Katsuhiko Hirose (HyWealth) - Energy Transition toward the sustainable society, key role will be played by hydrogen and wind 
    • Bart Biebuyck (FCH-JU)
    • Christian Schneller (TenneT) - Dutch-German perspectives on P2G
    Coffee break
    Continue keynotes
    • Luc Graré (NEL Hydrogen) - Hydrogen electrolysis empowering green hydrogen
    • Agustin Escardino Malva (European Commission) - EU funding instruments in suppoert of clean energy demonstration
    Panel on the Hydrogen Valley concept 
    Panelmembers: Christian Weinberger (DG Grow),
    Nienke Homan (Province of Groningen), Han Fennema (Gasunie), Marinus Tabak (RWE), Paul de Rook (Municipality Groningen)
    Chaired by Noé van Hulst
    Transfer to workshop rooms
    Parallel workshops
    • A) The hydrogen economy scenarios, reality check and regional initiatives
    • B) Hydrogen and pentalateral decision making
    • C) Hydrogen initiatives in the Nordics 
    15.50 PM
    Closing and drinks 

    INFORMATION on the workshops will be updated on a daily basis

    workshops 17th october

    workshops 17th october

    Workshop A | System integration on North Sea Energy
    • Moderator Harold Veldkamp (New Energy Coalition)
    • Mart van Bracht (Topsector Energie)
    • Mart van der Meijden t.b.c.
    • Laurens de Vries (TUDelft)
    • Ton Wurth (Siemens)
    The Netherlands has decided to expand substantially the production of offshore wind energy in the North sea. This development will change fundamentally the existing energy system.
    The workshop will be focussed on these changes regarded from a technical and economical perspective. In addition, two projects will be presented focusing on developing knowledge and understanding to adequately implement this major transition of our energy system
    Workshop B | Future role of TSO's in handling North Sea Energy
    • Moderator Catrinus Jepma (New Energy Coalition)
    • Martha Roggenkamp (University of Groningen)
    • Frits van der Velde (Gasunie)
    • Steven Engels (Orsted)
    Workshop C | Role of North Sea harbours as energy hubs
    • Moderator Henk Zwetsloot (Groningen Seaports)
    • Miralda van Schot (New Energy Coalition)
    • Robert van Tuinen (Groningen Seaports)
    • Austin d'Souza (Hanze University of Applied Scienes)
    Harbours will play a key role in challenging future energy supply to their demand centers. Not only will they play an increasingly important logistic function in the installation, operation and decomissiong phase of windpark installation, they are also the energetic centre where offshore wind enters the national grid. The offshore wind might be transferred and/or converted to ensure it matches the demandprofile of the consumers. Hydrogen production, storage, and potentially import might be part of this new function of harbour regions.
    Workshop D | Decommissioning of offshore wind farms: logistical challenges
    • Moderator Martijn de Vries (New Energy Coalition)
    • Ingrid Klinge (New Energy Coalition)
    • Hamed Askari (Hochschule Emden-Leer)
    • Hans van der Tas (DEKC)
    • Erik Bertholet (Groningen Seaports)
    Decommissioning of offshore wind farms still seems far away. However, the first parks will end up in this phase in the coming years. What does this mean in terms of logistics, required equipment, people, knowledge and skills? In the Decommissioning wind capacity workshop, inspiring speakers give their vision on the logistical challenges of decommissioning offshore wind farms:
    • A general overview on logistics related to decommissioning of offshore wind farms by Hamed Askari
    • Logistical opportunities and challenges for shipping by Hans van der Tas
    • Logistical opportunities and challenges for ports by Erik Bertholet
    Workshop E | Round Table : North & South of the Netherlands exchange about the (Hydrogen) Energy Transition
    • Moderator Ger Jonkergouw (Stichting WéL)
    • Peter Kersten (Stichting WéL)
    In the round table we focus on sharing questions and experiences on the (hydrogen) energy transition as we have these similarly and differently in the North and the South of the Netherlands, in the domains of industry, the built environment and the automotive sectors. Key themes are: developing a flexible and strong triple helix coalition,  centers of expertise, academies, and pilot-projects.
    Workshop F | North Sea Energy Pilots 
    • Joris Koornneef (TNO)
    • Rene van der Meer (Neptune Energy)
    • Martijn Kleverlaan (NAM)
    The North Sea will be a pivot in accelerating the energy transition. In this workshop we introduce you to innovative offshore wind-meets-gas developments on the North Sea, including: Offshore hydrogen production, CO2 storage, platform electrification and more. In the interactive part of the program you have the opportunity to use the gained knowledge to create a new blueprint for offshore system integration: 'The North Sea energy outlook'

    workshops 18th october

    Workshop A | The hydrogen economy scenarios, reality check and regional initiatives
    • Ditrich Gerstein (DVGW)
    • Ad van Wijk (TUDelft)
    • Patrick Cnubben (New Energy Coalition)
    • Alexandru Floristean (Hydrogen Europe)
    The workshop will focus on the developments towards a hydrogen economy in Europe. The following topics will be presented and discussed:
    • Technology developments and market perspectives for electrolysers in Europe (40GW in 2030)
    • The integration of power to gas technologies into the future European energy system 
    • The Northern Netherlands Hydrogen investment Agenda and Hydrogen Valley project 'Heaven'
    • Hydrogen; The bridge between Africa and Europe
    Workshop B | Hydrogen and pentalateral decision making 
    • Moderator Noé van Hulst (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy)
    • Jürgen Streitner (BMNT)
    • Francois Xavier Olivieri (Engie)
    • René Schutte (Gasunie)
    • Michel Leyseele (Port of Antwerp)
    This workshop aims to share industrial business cases for clean hydrogen in the Pentalateral region, encompassing the Benelux-countries, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. An interactive panel public authorities and market players on the challenges and opportunities for hydrogen in the industry.
    Workshop C | Hydrogen initiatives in the Nordics
    • Mikael Nordlander (Vattenfall)
    • Jan Carsten Gjerlow (Norwegian Hydrogen Forum)
    • Tejs Laustsen Jensen (Hydrogen Denmark)
    • Olivier Thomann (Power-to-gas & energy storage, VTT)


    Admission is free for invited persons. This is a personal invitation. If you accept our invitation, please register via the button below.

    Please note that we have a limited capacity of 320 persons and may therefore be forced to apply first come first serve.


    Martinikerkhof 3
    9712 JG  GRONINGEN



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